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On the heels of multiple other tort claims filed as a result of an enormous crash on Interstate 84 in June, the freight company which owned one of the semitrailers involved has filed a notice of intent to sue the Idaho Transportation Department, among others.

Attorneys representing Washington-based Krujex Freight Transport Corporation filed the tort claim Dec. 13. The driver of the semitrailer, Ilya Tsar, who died in the crash, is also listed as a plaintiff on the tort. As with other claims filed as a result of the seven-vehicle, four-fatality crash, the tort lists as defendants the Idaho Transportation Department, the Idaho State Police, as well as the construction and engineering companies contracted to carry out a routine construction project on the interstate that summer.

That’s because attorneys say the construction zone was not properly signaled, which meant drivers did not have enough time to slow down before approaching lane closures.

Source: Trucking company files tort claim in connection with June I-84 crash | Local News |