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Stanfield Bechtel Law, LLC
Stanfield Bechtel Law, LLC
93 Broad St., 1st Floor, Middletown, CT 06457 United States


Prior to earning his law degree, Jonathan spent nearly a decade working in the hospitality industry. He saw firsthand how the industry was rife with legal issues ranging from liability and employment practices claims down to risk management. As his primary goal has always been to provide a quality experience to his clients, he decided the best way to help was to get his law degree and specialize in these types of cases.

Once he received his degree, he worked for various law firms representing hotels, restaurants, ski resorts, and other various retailers. During this time, he dealt with personal injury suits, discrimination claims, and wage and hour claims and also spent time drafting legal documents such as liability waivers and contracts. His unique experience also afforded Jonathan the insight to assist clients with their risk management needs such as workplace policies and employee handbooks.

After growing frustrated that the customer experience did not always seem as important as the firm’s bottom line, he started Stanfield Bechtel Law as a way back to his roots. Though he has been away from the hospitality industry for some time, Jonathan still believes the client should always come first, and aims to deliver a positive experience to exceed client expectations.

In January 2024, Jonathan inspired a donation to Pro Bono Partnership.

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