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In nearly 30 years of practice at the Firm, Rob has handled hundreds of cases and secured over numerous settlements and verdicts over one million dollars.

Rob Braker heads up the Firm’s vehicle accident and premises liability practice teams. His cases involve complex passenger vehicle, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents, commercial trucking accidents, serious injuries occurring on unsafe commercial properties, and claims against negligent alcohol servers.


Vehicle Accidents
Premises Liability
Motorcycle Accidents
Defective Automobiles and Tires

Rob’s father, Herbert Braker, was a successful personal injury lawyer and an obvious influence on both his career choice and how much he cares about his clients. But Rob thinks his youth athletic activities also played a role in shaping him as a practicing attorney.

“The lawyers here are competitive people and many of us, including me, were serious athletes at one time. We bring that sports attitude here every day—we really want to win for our clients. This is not a golf tournament for me—I’m not interested in finishing 10th.

In addition to the number of big-dollar verdicts and settlements that Rob has secured for clients, there’s another metric that proves how good he is: a significant portion of his cases arise from referrals from other personal injury lawyers.

“We used to have an ad that said we were the firm every referring lawyer should know. And it’s true—we have the financial resources and intellectual depth to pursue the most complex cases, hire the leading expert witnesses, and represent our clients against big companies and their big law firms.

If a case involves multiple types of legal claims, Rob’s team manages the overall case and brings in other Firm practice groups as needed. For example, a truck accident case can involve both a negligent driver and a defectively designed component of the truck’s braking system. Rob will team with the Firm’s products liability lawyers to pursue additional defendants and potential sources for the client’s compensation.