Patrick W Steinfeld

Steinfeld Law Firm
Steinfeld Law Firm
90 Antigua Ct.,, Coronado, CA 92118 United States

I’m Patrick Steinfeld. I am personally writing this text because I feel its beneficial for our visitors to hear directly from me.

I founded the STEINFELD LAW FIRM 33-years ago. I am an award winning, nationally recognized major accident attorney specializing in wrongful death and serious injury claims. I have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of his clients.

I trademarked the phrase, Victims Voice for Justice because it embodies our legal philosophy. That is to be a powerful, dynamic voice for seriously injured victims and bereaved families who have lost their loved ones in an accident.

I am a graduate of the esteemed Trial Lawyers College. In fatal accidents, I am trained to communicate your loss of love in a compelling and emotional way that resonates with insurance companies, hardened defense attorneys, judges, and juries. For seriously injured victims we show the physical and emotional pain you are suffering, and the strength by which you are overcoming extraordinary challenges.

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